What's hot right now is the Acavallo carousel, which we're rebuilding this summer. It's a project I started in 2007, and have redesigned to be more portable and flexible.
The pieces are back out of storage, being hacked up and reformatted to a transformative, roadgoing version of itself. It'll be self propelled metal truss ship, with four carouseling horses, with one more up front, and a stage at the back. At its core, it's a gooseneck trailer, which never comes apart - it just folds out and up to be as big as the situation requires. And then collapses into itself, ready for transport.

The vision:


You can read about this project at It's a lot of work! I can't wait to see it go again... and again.


I've remixed the horses from this project in a variety of ways. I've mounted them on burnbarrels, on springy stands to ride, with carousel poles and flames, and finally, with big stylized metal crow wings. I bring them around to the various events in the community - the propane wings are a big hit at the Christmas tree lighting ceremony here in Tonasket. The flames look good, and are designed to reflect heat back down to the people around - double bonus.

It's good fun, I tell you!